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Domain Registration

Domain Registration
What is a Domain Name ?

The unique name that identifies an Internet website. Domain Names always have 2 or more parts, separated by dots. The part on the left is the most specific, and the part on the right is the most general.

Your domain may be dictated by your business name, but already the reverse is becoming true with .com companies. Your domain name, not only reflects your business, the industry you are in and the country in which you operate, it is your customers' first point of contact because it forms the basis of your email and web site addresses. Eg: Website: Email:

It is also possible for a Domain Name to exist but not be connected to an actual machine. This is often done so that a group or business can have an Internet e-mail address without having to establish a real Internet site. In these cases, some real Internet machine must handle the mail on behalf of the listed Domain Name.

Generic Solutions is a premier web hosting company in Lucknow, india - provides domain registration in india, web hosting on linux and windows 2003 servers, website designing, ecommerce solutions with fast and reliable connectivity and excellent customer support. We have tied up with major registrar to provide its clients with choice of registrars to choose from, which also gives Brainpulse an extra edge on easy transfers of domains from their existing registrar to spaclients preferred registrars. The list of affiliate registrars are as under:

Domain Name Registration:
Domain Registration (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us) :
INR 399 / US $ 6.14 Per Year
Domain Registration (,, , , , :
INR 399 / US $ 6.14 Per Year
Domain Registration (.in) :
INR 699 / US $ 10.75 Per Year

* Just enter the Domain Name without the extension and select extension from check box.
* Use only letters, numbers, or hyphen ("-"). Cannot begin or end with a hyphen.
* A domain name can be up to 63 characters long excluding the 4 characters used to identify the Top Level Domain (.COM, .NET or .ORG)

Register a Domain name and get complete control Panel over your domain.

Transfer your Domain to any name servers online from our Website Control Panel.

Have all the contacts, viz. technical, billing and administrative, in your domain name and Modify your contact information any time.

Please Note Following :
  • All domain names are usually registered within 24 hours of the receipt of payment. Once Successfully registered nobody can register your domain name, but it still takes 1-2 days for it to show up in the WHOIS database.
  • Internationally, Domain registration is done on a First-come-first-serve basis. The domain requested may be registered by some other person/organisation in between the period of request for domain registration and the receipt of payment.
  • India internets will not be responsible in any way for the non-availability of the domain name. The money you send will be refunded in case you do not want to register another Domain with us.